Wanna hear musings of a rambling crafter? A Blog for Crafty Catharsis…

I enjoy sharing my passion for creating and hope you’ll enjoy hearing about it.  It all started with a blog about crafting about three years ago and never got very far. My plan is to post once a month, but may vary by events, orders, etc…  you never know, I might spill a few “DIYs,” “helpful hints” and maybe a “hack” or two!

A sucker for a good deal with a brain that’s always trying to find multiple uses for items, I am someone that likes to peruse the store shelves for items that have potential to be nice with a little care and sometimes personalization.  I also love upcycling old items and remnants to make them new.  Therefore, if you see something you like now, it might not be available later – and recreating it as a custom item might be much more difficult.

If I can’t be original, I do my best to make it better!  I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, so you’re not likely to see my designs all over (unless they’re that popular).  Since all my items are handmade, many will be limited and will will be unique.  So, I hope that you’ll see this philosophy in the items I post in my store as well as what I share with you.

I am very thrilled that I have a hubby that supports me in this endeavor.  He’s also earned a role as technical support.  I’m pretty tech savy, but he enjoys it and definitely has a gift.  If you’re interested in creating your own website, I highly recommend him!  Beyond that, I’m a pretty simple person who just feels compelled to make stuff.  I’m excited to start this venture…  it’s been bouncing around my head for years.  I hope that it will bear fruit, but if not…  its been a fun ride!

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