You don’t stop learning until you’re in the grave…

at least that’s what I think.

Although the way everyone is ranting about all the figures lost in 2016 that might be sooner rather than later.  J/K  I don’t know if I’m just weird, or a glutton for punishment, but I love learning new crafts.  I love how each one can build on each other and then techniques can be combined into something completely different.  Like, this Christmas, I decided on a whim to try Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on ceramic.  I’d heard it was possible, but just wasn’t sure I wanted to mess with it, but I loved the results!  So, I thought I’d do myself a favor, and put together a list of things I hope / plan to try in the New Year!  Since I tend to have an attention span that is easily distracted…  SQUIRREL…  I won’t guarantee that this list is complete or that something else won’t come across my radar and jump up the list… but until then. Here we go (in no particular order)!

  • Stained glass: I have had a kit to start learning stained glass for several years.  We used to have a shop here in town and I loved to watch them work. HOWEVER, for someone who insists on using glass ornaments for so many projects (glass is clearer and plastic gets dented and melts with certain things), the idea of cutting and handing cut glass (specifically the raw edges) scares the snot out of me. But, I WILL prevail!
  • Wood burning: My hubby has a wood burning kit from his childhood / teen years that I’ve been dying to try out! I’ve seen some really beautiful projects done using the wood burning methods and since I’ve got supplies, I really have no excuse not to tackle this one! And, if I master wood burning with a wood burning tool, maybe I’ll step it up a notch with “painting with gunpowder” method (see video here).  Wouldn’t that be a bang?!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
  • Signs: This is a rather wide project category.  It could be simple as the PVPP (Paint Vinyl Paint & Peel) method or creating my own stencils for plain painting and vinyl on signs.  Then there’s always the possibility of adding embellishments like flowers, lights etc. I love so many of the projects I’ve seen online – and I have one bare wall just begging for something, and even though I have other art that could go up, nothing just grabs me as “the perfect thing” so it stays bare.
  • Bows: Gotta admit, I do okay bows.  I am just not happy with them as I’d like, so I have got to learn how to make proper bows and different kinds of bows.  This will be handy on a number of projects, not to mention upping my gift giving presentations!
  • Photo transfer: Whether its signs, coasters or candles I really want to try some photo transfer projects! This may be the most difficult project in my line up because I don’t have a laser printer (yes, I know I could have them printed at Office Depot or something), but it’d also be nice to have a backup printer for other projects, too.  😉
  • Alcohol Ink creations: I love the look of things tinted with Alcohol ink.  The vibrancy and flow is just gorgeous!  It can be used on anything from glass & ceramics to jewelry making and it’s possible to make it myself with dying markers so it’s another great way to recycle!  I wish I had paid more attention to this when I had ample supply of dying markers, but hind sight is always 20/20, right?
  • Paper flowers: On some level, I feel like this could be disastrous. I mean, one thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that origami is my kryptonite. So I fear going down that path again, but think they look so nice in some projects… therefore, if you find me cowering in a corner with all my creative juices tapped, you’ll know why.
  • Freezer paper stencil painting: There are some times that Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV just seems cumbersome, inappropriate or unavailable) and then can use more colors and even add shade and shadow but still keep the images and text within a boundary (within reason).  I’ve been hesitant because I’m afraid my cutter might flip out, but – it’s survived all the other stuff I’ve put through it, so it’s just my fear.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.  Like I said, it may evolve.  Considering the variety I already use (which is more than you see on the website at this moment due to lack of time) I think it’s a great path to walk.  Anyone want to try them with me? What are some things you’d like to see me take on? What are some things you’d like to try?  And if anyone is up for learning together – just let me know!!!